WorkSpace for Team Bleejay et al., to design, develop, large projects in Liberia. This course will involve completion of a strategic plan for a proposed development organization. By the end of this course, Team Bleejay et al., will produce a comprehensive strategic plan for their organization. The strategic plan will serve as a selling document to enlist support of their organization's effort to create possibility for sustainable development in their nation.

This course: courtesy of UBRICA. Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa.

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Building Ustawi PPM

Planning and implementation of TGMU

02122013WCH Clinical Programming

12122012 WCHS Module 5 Site & Building Needs Assessment

This space for second module for building Ustawi.

03312012WCH Embodiment of a WCH-Module 2

01272012WCH Embodiment of a WCH

URI2012: Embodiment of URI as a Knowledge Conversion Organization