Binafsi Afya System

The Kenya Development Network and Consortium’s Ustawi Research Institute (Minnetonka, MN) has partnered with ImpactLives (St. Louis Park, MN), HabiHut (Bozeman, MT), Hope for the City (St. Louis Park, MN), MIGA (Minneapolis, MN), Project 43 International (Eden Prairie, MN), and General Electric (Minnetonka, MN), to overcome the problem of access to care, and good nutrition in developing countries, with Kenya as the starting point. The goal is to build Binafsi Afya System (“Binafsi”) that will enable Kenyans, and people living in similar developing countries to own health centers, coupled with an aquaponic bio-­‐integrated farming system, throughout the country, and the Kenyan diaspora, and other interested parties to participate in funding and ownership through Binafsi Afya Cooperative. Read more >>>

Last modified: Friday, 18 November 2011, 8:52 PM