Fellowship and Internship Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be the supervisor of the research team?

Dr. Macharia Waruingi will be supervising the research team. He supervises all the research teams. 

2. How many global health research projects we will involve in a year?

Presently we have four projects running. Projects may increase depending on availability of funding.

3. How to conduct the research team work, will it be via internet, e-mail?

Yes, all work happens over the internet, and one does not need to relocate. We travel to other countries from time to time to collect data.

4. Since the tenure period for internship is one year, should we be fully responsible for all expenses (i.e. travel for the Africa conference)?

We help interns with travel allowances. We are raising money to make fund transport and accommodation, when interns travel to research site, and to present work at conferences. 

5. Will the research project address more on quantitative or combined methods or others?

Research projects address both qualitative and quantitative methods, depending on the research question.
Last modified: Thursday, 9 May 2013, 6:49 AM