About Ustawi


The place where practitioners, leaders and scholars gather to share cutting edge knowledge that improves the human life.

Sophisticated services in knowledge conversion

  • Exploration
  • Formal research
  • Publishing
  • Translation
  • Application of knowledge

Correspondingly, Ustawi comprises five major departments as follows: Ustawi Explorer, Ustawi Research Institute, Ustawi Publishing, Ustawi Translates, and Ustawi Applied/Ustawi Educate.

Ustawi Explorer specializes in conducting needs assessments, program planning and evaluation projects, and feasibility studies for interested parties.

Ustawi Research Institute conducts formal research projects for clients. Research projects are either qualitative or quantitative depending on the research question. Products of qualitative research include phenomenology, ethnography, and grounded theory. Products of quantitative research are results of experiments, quasi-experiments, or non-experimental correlations.

Ustawi Publishing produces peer reviewed journals, textbooks, popular books, and monographs and scholarly events including conferences, workshops, colloquia, and seminars.

Ustawi Translates helps clients with intellectual property management, licensing of technology, and copyrighting.

Ustawi Applied provides consulting services in leadership, management, quality, finance, organizational design, and industrial design. Ustawi Applied also provides public speaking services. 

Ustawi Educate provides educational services that lead to certifications, internships, fellowships. What sets Ustawi apart from the competition is the organization’s commitment to excellence in emerging markets.

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