Ustawi Publishing


Ustawi has established an electronic journal system built on the Open Journal System developed by Public Knowledge Project.  The Open Journal System is a self-replicating system that can host an unlimited number of professional peer reviewed journals. Ustawi intends to create and sponsor at least100 peer-reviewed journals in diverse disciplines in five years. Ustawi journals will provide authors in developing countries access and ownership to publishing resources enabling them to contribute to the global knowledge pool, and to share their knowledge with peers in other countries around the world.

 To help professionals in Africa publish textbooks, Ustawi has developed a print-on-demand capability, and built an editorial service around it. The print on demand is a disruptive technology that cuts off the intermediary in knowledge creation process. This technology will fast track production of textbooks that are relevant to local environments in developing countries and emerging economies.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 February 2014, 8:01 PM