Ustawi Value Proposition

Ustawi Value Proposition

Ustawi makes it easy for you to understand the frontier markets so that you can make wise decisions. Ustawi also helps you understand how to enter into the frontier markets and invest successfully for profitability and sustainability of your organization.

Ustawi’s value proposition is conceived as follows:


  • You can depend on us. We deliver what we promise.


  • We have a team of high performance individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, to find answers for you.


  • We listen carefully to your needs. We also listen carefully to the market needs. We approach all projects with an open mind.
  • We continually listen intently to your needs; we keep clarifying with you to make sure that we fully understand what you are looking for.
  • We use the open dialogue format to assess the needs of the markets.
  • Our scientific approach to discovery and verification helps us to deliver to you knowledge products that are customized to your needs.


  • We get the job done. We use information systems to find information quickly in service of finding answers to key questions for our clients. We are thorough in our work.
  • We deliver knowledge products of high quality that will help you get situated in a country of interest. We use our knowledge of local regulations and political structure to help you navigate through licensing and accreditation of your business in frontier countries.


  • For any given project, we develop intimate working relationship with the local people. In this way, we have profound knowledge on how local people create meaning. This way we know the things that the local people like and the things that they do not like. We understand their culture.
  • Our knowledge products from our intimate observations are particularly relevant to the local conditions. We give you products that you are able to use directly because they fit the local conditions and have intimate working capacity.

Reduced cost

  • Ustawi is 100% web based business. We leverage the web to dramatically cut operations cost to bare minimum, in order to save you money on the front end. Our fees are much lower in comparison to organizations providing similar services in the market.
  • Our fully integrated structure helps to obtain a full suit of knowledge products at a minimum cost.


  • Our products and services are available anywhere anytime through our online portal

Brand and Status

  • We have partnered with prestigious businesses and academic organizations in United States and Africa to deliver services of highest quality possible.

Ustawi’s Value to the People in Africa

For those who live in Africa, Ustawi

  • Increases people’s confidence in what they know, enhancing their self-esteem.
  • Enhances people’s lives by helping them to bring to life products that they can use to solve problems of everyday life.
  • Creates possibility for access to services that people would never have before. Example is the creation of the world-class Thompson & Grace Medical University in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.
  • Increases knowledge capacity in areas traditionally deprived, by educating people.
  • Enhances social knowledge by creating cooperation for knowledge production by bringing diverse people together to work on common projects.
  • Improves the economy of nations by improving the production capacity.
  • Improves the economic of an individual through creation employment opportunities for individuals.
  • Helps to reduce crimes in a state or a nation by creating jobs for the unemployed youths who are involved in criminal activities.
  • Increases research and publications from the African continent.
  • Helps the society in general by sponsoring people, and increasing awareness about health. Increasing the knowledge level of a people.

Benefits of Ustawi

Participating in development of Ustawi gives you the opportunity to

  1. know new things that helps to open up your mind.
  2. know how to do things differently.
  3. learn how to write formal documents, research papers, funding documents such a private placement memorandums, thesis, dissertations, contracts, agreement documents, textbooks, and so forth.
  4. meet transformational people, who are changing the world.
  5. create new knowledge, new services and new products that are relevant to the needs of the society.
  6. learn how to finance a company, or an organization, or an idea, a service, a product.
  7. be a leader transforming peoples lives.
  8. inspire others.
  9. educate others.
  10. collaborate in professional virtual environment.
  11. travel to many countries around the world.
  12. present work in international conferences.
  13. create personal wealth.

Investing in Ustawi gives you the opportunity to

  1. create personal wealth for yourself.
  2. help bring to live knowledge, services, and products that enhance lives of people.
  3. help Ustawi grow.
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